About Us

This site is dedicated to promoting the thoughts of Ask The Anus, as well your pictures, videos etc. including comedians and comediennes worldwide – if they are puerile enough.

So where am I at?

I am a guy with a puerile sense of humor who does not take the world too seriously – a one man band who has to go and do a four letter word each day just like most of yous.

And do not forget that, in the whole of the universe, we only have 60 miles of atmosphere surrounding us to live in but we all have to put up with mans’ inhumanity to man and mother earth.

So boys and girls, let’s bring some fun to the world – join in with your comments, together with any link that you want me to include (I promise that I will NEVER give, sell or pass your e-mail address on) and together we’ll show how to lighten up peoples’ lives – so bring it on and let’s rip!


I’ll be bringing quizzes and competitions in at a later date.

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