Professor Wuckfit – we need a new Math

We Need a new Math as the present one has been used to create pollution.


Professor Wuckfit on Pollution

OK folks, I’m getting a bit serious here.

Professor Wuckfit’s writing a book on Math – no, it’s not yer usual type – that is hopefully going to show it’s imperfections and what we have taken it way tooooo seriously.

A simple example is plastic as plastic would not exist without the use of Math.

Why on earth, literally, have we used this concept to produce things that are creating an environment where we can’t live?

Take the unwanted plastic in the oceans for example.

What in the universe’s name have we the right to harm and kill things for no reason?

It’s barking!

We sometimes criticise people as animals who act irresponsibly in society yet no animal in the world behaves like this!

Yet we are “educated” that the version of Math we “use” is correct.

I think it really is time we came up with a New Math that stops us polluting the world for a short term gain.

Anyways, that’s enough ranting from me at the moment as I’ll be serialising Professor Wuckfit’s book on this site in forthcoming posts.

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