Moon Landing

A Different Type of “Moon Landing”


This is an alternative “Moon Landing”

2019 saw the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon.

Quite an achievement when you consider the technology available at the time when compared to what’s around today.

But what I didn’t get is why they stopped at the moon – it seems they didn’t fancy their chances on Uranus or one of it’s “moons”.

So, to even up matters a bit, I thought it only right and proper to create this post.

I mean, most if not all the English speaking world knows what to flip a moon is.

And this is especially important when you consider the amount of detritus mankind has sent to the moon and left there.

There is even talk of a billionaire who thinks it would be a good idea if we started mining the place, the moon that is, and bringing raw material back to earth so we can produce more rubbish to buy that we don’t need!

Global Warming eat yer heart out!

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