Why is Math easy for some yet hard for others?

It seems most people have a love hate relationship with Math.


Math is hard for some

I dunno about you but I’ve always wondered why some folks find Math easy and others hard.

For instance, when I went to my second school, the Math teacher, who was confronted with a class of individuals at different levels, decided to ask the question “why have we got Math?”.

Now, when I was at school I had to learn the dreaded times tables by rote and this I think is where the problem starts.

I mean, we are the product of the universe which I think was not created using the logic of Math!

I may be wrong here but I doubt it…

The other thing I’d like to know is how much Math do we REALLY need to know to get by in the modern world instead of banging ones head against the wall trying to learn/understand it!

Anyways, Professor Wuckfit is writing a book where he will go into things in more depth.

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