Farting Unicorns

Farting Unicorns – now need to get permission to fart?

Farting Uni Corn

The Farting Unicorn on the cob

What’s all this farting Unicorns nonsense about?

I’m talking about the apparent differences between Tesla chief executive Elon Musk and a Farting Unicorn that featured on a mug by Colorado potter Tom Edwards.

Does this mean I have to ask Mr Edwards permission to use anything that farts out of a unicorn? I think not!

I mean my site could be seen as the premier destination for farting – look at the title of this post for Unicorn’s sake!

In fact, why is it called a Unicorn anyway?

Surely as it has one horn it should be called a Unihorn?

Therefore in order to get round any so called copyright infringement as mentioned earlier, how about a different type of “Corn”?

In fact this type of corn, unlike a Unicorn, not only exists but can actually make you fart.

Aha, but this is a Corn not a Unicorn I hear you say.

Well as I’m only talking about one corn, I’m using this by calling it a “Uni” as in the “Uni”verse.

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