Kindle – Things you can’t do

Kindle ain’t necessary the only game in town.

Kindles's Limitations

Kindle has limitations

Yeah I know Kindle et al has many fans but there are some limitations.

For example, as in the image, they would be absolutely useless at a book signing event.

Unless of course you had the author sign the device.

Then you wouldn’t be able to take it to another book signing so you’d have to buy another Kindle and this is why things start to get expensive.

Also, book signings notwithstanding, how would you manage to have a first edition of the manuscript if its on a digital platform?

And then we come to the problem we’ve all faced when we’ve beenĀ sharketing.

I am, of course, talking about the empty toilet roll.

Don’t try to deny you’ve never been in the situation when you’ve done your number twos, only to find out that you’ve run out of toilet paper – ‘cos I won’t believe you.

This is where a good old fashioned paper based book can be used by tearing out the pages you’ve already read.

I know its a bit of a waste but hey, what are you to do?

But can you do this in the digital world?

Well I suppose you could order some toilet rolls on Amazon and ask them to deliver it as an emergency by one of their drones they keep banging on about.

You’d have to give them the exact coordinates of your toilet though.

I mean can you imagine it?

You’d be sitting on the, whatever you want to call it, sitting by the window – you can’t get to the front door – and hope that they don’t have a camera switched on when it arrives.

But looking on the Amazon website I couldn’t see this emergency service anyway so its all academic.

Interesting idea eh?

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