Junk Phone Calls

Junk Phone Calls can probably easily be stopped.

Junk Calls Nuisance

Junk Calls

Junk Phone Calls – where in hell do those guys get your number in the first place especially for those on cell phones?

I mean, it’s not that there’s a cell phone directory is there?

Answers on a postcard please.

Before going further, why do they call up in the first place if no-one wants them?

So I suppose there are people who respond to them otherwise why do it?

I mean who are these people who respond to the sales pitch?

Are they really that desperate to buy something that they don’t want – I assume they don’t want it as they would have already bought whatever it is.

So you get this annoying call – they always seem to ring at an inconvenient time – and you can counter this by reacting to them by:

  • going on and on about something irrelevant – rather like me.

  • speaking in a foreign language.

  • replying using song titles.

  • pretending they’ve reached voicemail.

  • saying they’ve got the wrong number.

  • trying to sell them something.

  • telling them that you are a competitor.

  • saying yes to every question.

  • repeating back everything they say.

  • pretending that you know them.

  • telling them that they have dialled the police.

These ideas are all good and may be satisfying but but personally, I like to see if I can make them think that the call might cost THEM money.

So, may I suggest you answer them by:

  • saying that this call will cost the caller $200 (or what ever amount you decide) per second and by continuing with this call you agree to the charge specified.

  • transferring the call, if you can and is technically feasible) to one of those premium rate numbers.

  • finding out their organisation or number and transfer the call to themselves.

If, however, you have any better ideas please feel welcome to add a comment…

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