Beach Bum

Beach Bum – this is the life

Beach Bum

Be A Ch Bum

Beach Bum as summer in the northern hemisphere’s here and who wants to work  indoors?

So how’s about becoming a professional Beach Bum?

The hours may be long and the pay, well we won’t go there, but at least you can put this on your work resume.

Except, you may need to kind of re-word the job spec – a bit. Well a lot actually.

I guess you could say that you are:

  • a professional “outside” inspector

  • an operating weather inspector

  • a beach reporter for Trip Advisor

  • a tester for a sun tan lotion company

  • a Bar connoisseur

But hey, who gives a whatever (shades of Jerry Springer there), you’re the one in the sun eh?

You’re the one strutting yourself on the beach, living the dream instead of being a wage slave living under the tyranny of what someone has decided you should do.

But always remember, like any “job” someone has to do it so why shouldn’t it be you…

Oh and one piece of advice, make sure you update your LinkedIn is up to date with a load of BS!

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