Language – where does it come from?

Language is a strange thing, I mean we have perfectly good words and then someone goes and make a slang words for them.

Bullshit Instructor - hopeless advice

Bullshit Instructor – always the wrong advice

Take the word faeces or excrement; someone somewhere came up with the word “shit” as an alternative.

You’d think that this would be enough but oh no – they had to go and “embellish” it.

What do I mean?

Well take the word “bull”. Why did someone go and decide that “bull” and “shit” would go together? Why not “cow” instead?

I mean, how many people who have used the word “Bullshit” have actually seen any “Bullshit”?

For those who haven’t seen any “Bullshit” could mean that they are “Bullshitting” the “Bullshitters”.

So, who’s “Bullshitting” now – if you get my drift?

No Shit Sherlock perchance?

Does that mean that people go apeshit when they hear bullshit?

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