Introducing Wuckfit’s World…

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Wuckfit’s World…


Introducing Wuckfit’s World

Ok folks, I’d like you to meet Buttface who’s introducing you to Wuckfits’s World.

Basically, we all live in a world which we are turning into a place where we can’t live – so Wuckfit’s World’s gonna shake things up a bit!

To this end, Professor Wuckfit will be serialising his books:

  • How to Live in a World of Bullshit


  • Math =?

while Lord Wuckfit will delve into the political scene with his work

  • Political Bullshit

In both cases you might understand what the goddam problems are and have some of their interesting solutions.

So buckle up and for some more posts from Wuckfit’s World!




It’s Buttface

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