So what’s this then – a clue “N S Sherlock”

Sherlock Holmes never has these words written about him.

No Shit Sherlock

What’s the NSS Dingbutt?

Now I don’t know if you’re a fan of the fictional sleuth Sherlock Holmes but I’m certain that faeces were never given a mention in any of his stories.

Which leads to the question, who came up with this expression?

I wonder if it was the same person who came up with that famous creek where you navigate without a paddle?

If it was, do you think they spend their days musing what they can link with the word “shit”?

I mean, I’ve heard of the expression get a life but this is ridiculous but where does this person live and where does he get his inspiration from – sewage treatment facilities?

Now before you say “how can live near a sewage treatment facility” there is a bar in my town that is, to all intents and purposes, adjacent to such a facility.

When the wind (yes I do get the irony) blows from a certain direction, it really does reek – I’m really surprised they didn’t call it the Sherlock Holmes and then the locals could make a joke out of it – a good marketing tip there!

But here’s the thing, IT’S ALWAY PACKED!

And what if you wanted to go and “powder your nose” so to speak?

The whole goddam place smells of a latrine so you could never end up finding it!

How did the local health authorities sign off on having a bar there?

Me no understand.

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