Lord Wuckfit’s Politicians’ Oath

Why shouldn’t politicos have an oath?

Politicians' Oath

Lord Wuckfit’s Politicians’ Oath

I dunno about yous but I really think it would be a great idea if all politicians, wherever they are, have a Hippocratic Oath like Doctors in the medical profession do.

I mean if the bankers’ have one, why not politicians?

So here’s my suggestion:

I solemnly promise that I won’t lie,

The truth I tell sometimes just goes awry.

I’ll promise you all a better life,

To ease your concerns and any strife.

I’ll always listen to you but not understand,

Well what do you want when I’m paid a few grand?

I might have self interests that could well clash,

But overall I’m not in in it, just for the cash.

I will lead the people and fight the good fight

It doesn’t matter if I’m from the left or the right.

When there’s an election and I want your vote,

It’s my opponents bad character that you should note.

You should know my opponent is just on the take,

And any bad news about me is just purely fake.

Then when I’m elected and have all the power,

All will be beautiful like a spring flower!

So then if you want to criticise me,

Realise you’re a loser; this advice is free!

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