The FART Act

The FART Act is the name for the Fair and Reciprocal Tariff Act, apparently.

The FART Act

The Fair and Reciprocal Tariff Act – the FART Act for short.

The FART Act – you couldn’t make it up – well I could if I’m honest but then I’m not a politician.

Anyways, in my opinion, politicians belong in Wuckfit’s World.

This is seemingly a reference to the US who might want to leave the WTO which could then be called WTF – that would be the World Trade Farts.

Can you imagine countries trading farts?

Which then leads me to the next question which nation farts the most?

Well, according to the Uncyclopedia, yes it does exist, the Australians seem to produce more farting gas per butt amongst the developed countries.

The study reported that the US came second with eight tonnes of the methane gas per butt.

Now, I don’t know where they get this information from – no-one bothered to ask me or measured my flatulence as far as I’m aware.

They claim that The Flatulance Arse Tracking for Action (FARTA) website is the first global inventory of digestive tract emissions and looks at more than 30,000,000 butts although I couldn’t find the site, spelt with a silent “h”.

Even if they did this “survey”, what do people eat to create more gas than others?

Who knows and who cares frankly.

So getting back to the US FART Act one can only assume that the Fair And Reciprocal Tariffs would only apply to beans, sweet corn.

Oh, and if you’ve got a dog, don’t feed it pickled eggs as this really makes them fart – and you REALLY don’t want to smell a dog fart unless you’re into obnoxious smells, trust me on this one.

But seriously folks, what can’t people put their egos aside as we only have one place in the universe to live in.

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