Angry Birds and Twitter – Imagine if they merged.

Imagine if Angry Birds and Twitter merged.

Angry Birds merged with Twitter

If Angry Birds merged with Twitter

Angry Birds and Twitter, apart from the obvious fact that they are birds, don’t seem to have much synergy between them at first sight.

After all, one is social media while Twitter is just a game played by people to wind others up some the time – err, I think I might have got that wrong.

Anyway, seemingly there have been plenty of mergers that have taken place which haven’t made much sense except, of course, the Bankers who are after their fees.

So, the rationale is that if Angry Birds and Twitter merged all the angry tweets would be a perfect fit.

The only possible downside is if the Angry Birds part of the company started swearing.

And then, obviously, there are the logos.

They both use fictional birds to promote their business and create a marketable business.

OK they would have to alter their logos bit but I don’t think it would be that hard would it.

I came up with the logo above that I think encapsulates both brands quite clearly!

Then they would have to come up with a name for this new bird.

My favorite would be the Cyanistes Caeruleus which in normal person parlance is a Tit, a Blue Tit naturally.

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