Anal Air

Anal Air – Born on the Wind

Anal Air - Make wind wherever you go

Anal Air – the only way to fly

Canned Air to Methane has nothing to do with Anal Air – honest…

According to the Institute for Health, Metrics and Evaluation, air pollution was responsible for more than 5.5 million people dying prematurely due to household and outdoor air pollution in 2013.

So what’s a possible solution, apart from a mew Math?

Well, apparently there is a company called Vitality Air that collects air from the Canadian Rockies and compresses it into containers.

Of course, being based in Canada, I suppose they couldn’t call themselves Canadian Air as this would be too close to Canada Air.

This is ironic as the demand from canned air is probably met by delivering using vehicles burning fossil fuels to deliver the product.

The burning of fossil fuels notwithstanding, there is another natural gas that causes Global Warming – I am of course talking about Methane or CH4 for short.

This means that you could fly to Quahog International Airport and see the Family Guy guys.

Therefore, if we are going to have planes that use Global Warming, why don’t we power them by Methane.

I mean, as Methane is here any way and we’re producing it every day, we should use this natural product.

It’s not as though we need to produce it in refineries or anything.

Why can’t we use it for powering our homes – just imagine, if we could then we’d actually want people to fart.

A tip here, if you want to get your pooch to REALLY let rip a ripe one then feed it pickled eggs.

On second thoughts, it’s better if you didn’t as I don’t want to get the blame for farting hounds.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Anal Air – call sign CH4 (that’s the chemical symbol for Methane before you ask).

When you go and fly with Anal Air,

You know that you will be able to share,

Methane in the sky,

And not ask why,

Without having a goddam care!

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