Therobblebobbum – what the hell is it?

Therobblebobbum definition

Therobblebobbum – what is it?

OK folks – I admit to being a bit dumb.

I posted a Therobblebobbum without explaining what the hell is is.

Well basically, a Therobblebobbum is a Dingbat that’s kind of gone bad.

Oh, and if you don’t know what a Dingbat is, its a play on words or images to define an object.

So, for example,

A Dingbat

Dingbat Forget

means “Forgive Forget” as there are four words of GIVE and four words of GET.

So what I’m asking you is to forgive me that I wrote that and forget it!

Anyways, just to make sure that I don’t fall foul of some copyright or trademark issues, I thought it better to come up with a new name, hence Therobblebobbum.

I did a search for the word “Therobblebobbum” and there were no results, zip, nada.

But when you search for Therobblebobbum now, it only refers back to AskTheAnus – job done!

Now, if you haven’t seen my earlier Thereobblebobbum post here is is again for you to solve – its really difficult NOT.

Therobblebobbum - can you solve it?

Solve the Therobblebobbum

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