Discover don’t Innovate

Discover or Discovering things means you’ll be able to ditch Innovating!

Discover don't Innovate

Discover don’t Innovate – it’s easier

Discover – one of the most powerful and underrated words in any language!

And no, in English it doesn’t mean you should “Dis” cover, OK?

So what do I mean by “Discover don’t Innovate”?

Well anything that’s been “innovated” has had to have been possible in the first place.

So I think most folks would find it easier to “discover” something than “innovate”

It then follows why do people think its so great to have an innovation department?

Surely everybody should be on the discovery route – life is a journey not an arrival after all!

That’s why I’m an advocate of the new Math.

But why stop at Math?

As I’ve said in my About Us (well it’s about me if I’m honest) page, “in the whole of the universe, we only have 60 miles of atmosphere surrounding us to live in but we all have to put up with mans’ inhumanity to man and mother earth.”

What I’m really coming round to is that other word, along with innovate, that I think should be demoted in its level of importance – i.e. Learning.

Surely we should be Understanding not Learning about things?

Let me explain.

If someone taught you a new word to say in a foreign language you didn’t know what would be the point of it if you didn’t understand it?

Yet we all get “educated” to learn something with the result that entrenches peoples views of the world so that they are “Right” and everyone else is “Wrong”.

Just look at your political leaders if you want proof.

That’s why I created Lord Wuckfit.

So to sum up what’s the goddam point of learning anything if all you end up is by wanting to innovate?


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