Why Bullsh*t?

So here’s a Therobblebobbum for you to solve.

Therobblebobbum - can you solve it?

Solve the Therobblebobbum

What’s the “*” the letter for? Bullshat, Bullshet, Bullshit, Bullshot, Bullshut?

A difficult one for you eh? Not – well hopefully not.

And no, I don’t want answers on a postcard please –  who sends postcards nowadays anyhow?

Actually I know the answer to this – postcard manufacturers.

Anyways back to Bullshit and another question for you.

How many people who say Bullshit to something have actually seen any?

Not many I bet, so how can people say something is Bullshit if they’ve don’t know what it looks like?

I think this shows that some of us are all capable of talking Bullshit when we call something Bullshit.

If this is the case, then any of us could be a politician or Lord Wuckfit!

Another question I have is why does it have to be Bullshit? Why not Aardvarkshit, Hipposhit or going aquatic Sharkshit?

Mentioning aquatic and getting serious for a minute, what are we going to to do about all that plastic shit in the ocean?

Getting back to Bullshit, I went on Wikipedia to try and check out where the term Bullshit came from.

Would you believe that there’s the Harry Frankfurt Concept and The Bullshit Asymmetry Principal – of course…

I mean, come on guys, how can anyone take something called Bullshit seriously?

If I was going to come up with a “Concept” or “Principal” I wouldn’t have used my name and I’d have called it something a bit better – or is it me?

And again, I doubt that neither Harry nor the person behind the The Bullshit Asymmetry Principal has  even SEEN any Bullshit.

So to wrap it up I’d like to say that I’ve been talking about something I’ve never seen.

So that must make me a big Bullshitter in the first place and makes me wonder why you’ve bothered to get to the end of this post..

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