Why We Need A New Math…

All the unwanted plastic in the Oceans is why we need a new math.

New Math

Why We Need A New Math

New Math

Imagine that if a second didn’t exist
Then Time’s an Illusion which wouldn’t be missed.

There’d be no plastic in the Oceans or on the Land
The Rain Forests would grow and look real Grand.

The egos of leaders would not be able to rule
Using this logic to alter lives with this tool.

Nature would thrive, with all it’s evolving life
The tyranny of numbers not causing strife.

Well this is the Universe in it’s true form
There is no Mathematics, this is the norm.

Please see my earlier post that goes on about the plastic in the Pacific.

The point is, that I’m not against Math per se. It’s just that we’ve imposed the logic of this language on our world and we really should recognise its shortcomings.

I mean it can even dominate our lives to the point where even some of us don’t like it as explained here.

Furthermore, we’ve used Math for our own ends without thinking about other life forms – do you honestly think the Universe would want us to spread our Math dependant technologies to other parts?

Actually, come to think of it, our adherence to Math logic makes it virtually impossible for us to spread to new (to us) areas of the Universe.

So what could a new Math look like?

Well if we take the generally accepted view that the Universe was created by the Big Bang then it follows that all the content is part of one.

That in turn means that it would be impossible to have two separate items or objects exactly the same. So 1+1 can never be a correct statement!

Therefore infinity could be seen as One and everything a part of One.

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