The Conspiracy Theory of the 3 “Js”

The 3 Js

So here’s the problem.

I was watching the Jerry Springer Show the other night (memo to self – get a life); yes we’ve all done it, yet some of us won’t admit it and it got me thinking (dunno why).

Imagine, you’ve been on the show and said the obligatory phrases such as “you don’t know me”, “whatever, whatever” and “talk to the hand”.

Before going any further, why do people want others to talk to their hand?

I mean on this show some of what’s said or even shouted (well most of its shouted if I’m honest) could come from another part of the anatomy – where the sun don’t shine.

Do these people really want that on their hand?

Anyway, you come away and found that Jerry hasn’t managed to help you.

So you decide to go on the Jeremy Kyle Show (still haven’t got a life) and he can’t help you either.

What do you do?

What DO you do?

If you find yourself in this position I think I may have the answer for you.

Go see Judge Judy.


PS I’d love to see the audience yell “JUDY”, “JUDY” on her show.

PPS Here’s a life mystery/conspiracy theory for you – all the above shows have the main arbiter’s name beginning with a “J” – coincidence or what? So welcome to the Three “J”s.

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