The Bankers’ Oath – yeah right!

Doctors have a Hippocratic oath so Bankers thought that they should have one and believe it or not, there really is an organisation that promotes a Bankers’ Oath:

If I started the asktheanus bank, here would be my version.

I solemnly swear to take my commission,
Now that I’ve got your written permission.

The contract between us is now cast in stone,
If you complain, you’re out on your own.

You can of course now take me to court,
But my lawyers will see to it that you’re cut short.

With your finances now locked into my bank,
I’ll make the money but yours might well tank.

Sometimes my bank may get a big fine,
As for my bonus? Well it stays mine.

The directors who are in charge of the firm,
Won’t lose their jobs – not in the short term.

It doesn’t matter even if they will fail,
You know that they’ll never end up in jail!

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