Did a Cosmic Butt form Uranus?

How a Cosmic Butt formed Uranus – probably…

Is there life in the Universe apart from Earth?

The old age question which science has been unable to prove.

So, bearing in mind that Uranus has a high methane content, where does the methane gas come from?

On earth methane is, how shall I put this, a by-product of living organisms.

So this means that there could be plenty of extra terrestrial life in the universe – just look at the Drake Equation, although he didn’t put methane into his calculations – dunno. why.

Either that or there must a giant Cosmic Butt!

I mean how else can methane be produced in the Universe naturally?

But whatever theories there are you cannot escape the fact that:

You can't live without Uranus

You can’t live without Uranus

As Earth would not exist without Uranus – just ask Professor Wuckfit.

Professor Wuckfit

Professor Wuckfit


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