Farting Problem?

Farting. Show me someone who says they’ve never farted and I’ll show you a liar.
fart warner

Farting – Show me someone who claims they’ve never farted and I’ll show you a liar!

Let’s face it, we’ve all farted but sometimes you come across someone that just can’t stop!

It seems no matter what they eat they just can’t stop – they don’t need beans, cabbage or whatever.

As an aside, have you ever smelt dog farts? Jeez are they ripe…

Now for a “don’t do this at home” moment – in fact you wouldn’t want to do this at home.

Picture this – you’re invited to a friends home and they have a dog or dogs.

This is when you need to do a bit of preparation and bring some pickled eggs with you.

Pickled eggs I hear you ask? Yep – just some pickled eggs.

When you’re there, just before you leave preferably, give the dog/dogs some of your pickled eggs and you can depart safe in the knowledge that your friends will have a household atmosphere of dog farts after you’ve gone!

You could look at this as giving your fiends a little something to remember you by!

I don’t know why pickled eggs does this to dogs.

Of course, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t give a dog/dogs pickled eggs or any other foods if it’s harmful to them for that matter.

But apart from the dog scenario, I think these people ought to warn other folk about there flatulence problem especially if they let rip in an enclosed space such as an elevator.

So here’s my visual solution that you can give your friend(s) who have a farting problem.

Or look at it this way – this could be seen as doing the general public a service to all the good folks out there…

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