Split up from your boyfriend?

Here’s something to get over an ex boyfriend.

OK, well perhaps its not OK, but your boyfriend has split up from you – I know he said it’s him and not you.

However, this doesn’t really help – you still fell rejected and let down.

So what can happen is that you could turn to booze etc. which can make you feel even MORE depressed.

There surely has to be a better way e.g. go and get some advice – see a shrink (this could be expensive as all they seem to do is charge you money for them to listen to you), talk to your friends, turn or immerse yourself in religion or whatever.

You could even try learning mathematics, calculus – great if your that way minded – errrr no we won’t go there – me no into math.

But worst of all is just sitting there alone (and we’ve all done this), moping around and thinking about what might have been – talk about wasting time that you will never get back!

Surely no-one on God’s Earth is worth that? I mean c’mon, be honest with yourself.

But you’re reading this and have got this far and are probably thinking when is the Anus going to give me an answer?

Well why not try humor as a type of alternative therapy?

I mean if you are laughing, you can’t feel sad about yourself.

So here’s my suggestion.

Simply give him one of these products and start laughing – it might just help to forget, forgive and get on with your life!

In fact, if you went to a shrink, the few bucks this t-shirt (or whatever you buy costs) could seem really great value.

It’s got to be better than going on the Jerry Springer show and telling people to “talk to the hand”.

Go see my post about TV shows to see what I mean.

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